Top Dogs dog training

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P h i l o s o p h y

Top Dogs is a private school offering quality services provided by highly qualified and experimented professionals. We are agreed by the Federal and Cantonal Services.

The courses are adapted to ones’ needs. They are first of all focused on the good relationship between you and your dog and the understanding of how dogs work. In order to maximise your success in your dog’s education we propose courses at home, private, semi-private and small group courses, either in French either in English.

Our aim is to provide you with the necessary tools to:

Teach you how to teach to your dog with common sense and respect
Teach you to understand your dog and its reactions
Teach you to be understood by your dog

A good education is the outcome of a long work especially based on trust, complicity and mutual respect. The education of a dog passes above all via the owner.

A good dog owner is the one who would have managed to become the reference in his dog’s eyes because of his reliability and intelligence and not because of a fear of domination or its consequences - “violence starts where knowledge stops”…

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