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Education Canine & Problèmes de Comportement

I n s t r u c t o r s  &  P a r t n e r s

E d u c a t i o n   &   C o m p o r t m e n t

Sandra Baer


  • Dog behaviour specialist - TeD
  • Dog instructor MEC - FRC
  • Dog instructor ECB - SCS
  • Puppy specialised instructor MCJC - FRC/SCS
  • Trainer for new dog owners - OVF

OVF- Office vétérinaire fédéral
SCAV - Services des affaires vétérinaires Vaud

  • To deliver the compulsory courses for dog owners - federal authorization OVF 08/2008
  • To deliver dog training - instructor profile 1
  • To train listed dogs CPD (potentially dangerous dogs) - instructor profile 1+
  • To give courses on dog behaviour, train dangerous dogs and/or dogs under cantonal measures - instructor profile 2

Continuing professional education

  • Regular upgrade of the above qualifications
  • Instruction in dog communication and body language
  • Dog body language in canine sports
  • Troubled behaviour and re-education
  • Clicker training
  • Tellington Touch
  • Playing with dogs and mental exercises
  • How dogs learn and conditioning
  • The dog’s social life
  • Fears and aggressions
  • Stress management

SCS : Société Cynologique Suisse (Swiss equivalent of the British Kennel Club)
FRC : Fédération Romande de Cynologie
TeD : Team en Difficulté, Flip Académie
OVF : Office vétérinaire fédéral (Swiss Federal Veterinary Department)
SCAV : Service de la consommation et des affaires vétérinaires Vaud (Vaud Veterinary Dept)

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