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Bouquets Canins


C o u r s e s

 a n i n e   B o u q u e t s

You wish discovering and trying new exercices, have an idea of the various existing dog sports or simply offer your dog and yourself a moment full of complicity and pleasure. The bouquets are a serie of 4 discovery courses.

We propose:

Bouquet "Dog’s Mental Occupation"

Physical exercice is one thing, mental exercice another. You can offer a range of activities to your dog by stimulating his brain capacities which is very tiring.

This can be for:

  • Keep busy or calm a very active dog
  • To make up for less active days
  • For a momentarily stopped dog because of an accidentand
  • Or just for fun!


Bouquet "Scent"
A concentration of different activities and exercices around your dog’s truff.
From researching objects or food to introduction to tracking and rescue research.

Only for fun!



Bouquet "Tracking"
Introduction to tracking and pointing out.

Whether your wish to only see what it is about, start competition or offer an additional activity to your dog, tracking is a precision work which requires concentration and time.

A personal and regular training is necessary between each course.


Children & Dogs
50mn session, rate per session per family




Private course at Top Dogs Puidoux

On app
Monday to Friday


Private course at your home


Semi-private course (max 2 dogs)


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