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Problèmes de comportement


C o u r s e s

B e h a v i o u r   D i s o r d e r s

Disagreable comportments
    (jumps, nips, hassles, etc)

Untimely barking

Anxiety separation (can't stay alone, etc)

Fear of people or other dogs

Fear of noises or particular situations

Quickly stressed, not at ease


Destructive behaviour

Anxiety separation (can't stay alone, etc)

Agressive behaviour towards dogs or humans

Defending objects or people

An analysis of your dog's behaviour, of your relationship with it and other specific parameters will allow us to find solutions or to plan a behaviour therapy.

An unwanted comportment is not necessarily a behaviour problem requiring therapy. A dog is not a human being and has reactions specific to its species (even though dogs do have an extraordinary capacity for adaptation). The solution is often found with a better comprehension of how the dog functions. This then allows you to adopt the correct behaviour in order to communicate better and to reinforce the bond between you and your dog so it can get back into equilibrium again.

However, some particular behaviour disorders require a health check or a treatment with a specialised vet together with the behaviour therapy.

The key of success

Is your personal involvment. Magical or instant solutions DO NOT exist. The problem will not disapear after having brought your dog to the trainer. We will give you the keys to succeed, but success will only arrise thanks to YOUR involvment on a daily basis. This requires time, patience, understanding of how a dog works and regular repetition of the training with the right tools.

Behaviour Problems
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